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Catalyzing the next era for humanity & our planet

The Age of Wisdom

Wisdom & Action 
 for a new era

We have grown exponentially in number of people, available data, investable capital, and powerful technology. But also in inequity, interdependency, social instability, and avoidable health issues. Furthermore, we have become masters in destroying our natural habitat: The ecosystem of this planet. 
As a species, we call ourselves “Homo sapiens” - however, so far we have not yet proven to be the “wise beings” we ought to be, we can be. We built scarcity and fear-based systems and implemented an extractive and divisive economic and financial model. We apply technology and capital with the aim of maximum profit instead of the well-being of people and the planet. We have lost touch with the natural world, with our roots and our innate wisdom.
This approach is no longer working, and a new era is dawning. One in which we reconnect to nature, evolve in consciousness and learn to apply ancient wisdom principles as a base for our decisions, actions, and the required redesign of our systems. Shifting into an Age of Wisdom is both, a tremendous opportunity to live our full potential and a necessity for the future of all life on this planet.

Therefore, I am focusing on fostering wisdom & conscious action. 


My mission

Catalyzing a shift towards an "Age of Wisdom"

I am one of the entrepreneurial minds in my family - one that is focused on fostering impact entrepreneurship & impact investments, inner transformation and system change and one who believes that a shift to an "Age of Wisdom" is the way to go for us humans. 

I dedicate my life to supporting this shift by
- Shining a light as a Speaker on ancient, indigenous and nature´s wisdom, as forgotten sources of tremendous value for the necessary changes in our societal, economic and cultural systems
- Sharing my experience as an entrepreneur and management consultant with impact startups and founders as a Trainer & Coach
- Preparing the next generation as a Lecturer on Business Ethics & CSR and international finance
- Accompanying impact Investors Investors and Family Offices on their impact investing journey as an Advisor
- Building the non-profit organisation Global Impact Alliance as a Founder & Co-Creator.

Last but not least, am constantly on my own Wisdom Quest to explore and expand my consciousness, a key ingredient to wisdom and to any transformation.

Get active yourself 
Join me in co-creating an Age of Wisdom

Work with me 
Catalyzing wisdom & conscious action

You are an investor or a family office

Are you interested in impact investing? 
Would you like to align your personal and / or family values with the wa
y you invest? 
Would you like to leave a legacy?

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey from family values to a concrete impact investing portfolio that reflects your roots and leaves a valuable legacy. 

I can be with you as a coach & sparring partner for a more personal journey, or serve as a strategic advisor to create your impact statement and help you to build or evaluate your impact portfolio as a family office.

And I mean holistic impact. Not superficial sustainability. 

You are a business school or a university

Would you like your students to learn from lecturers that have hands-on experience in the world of business? 
Would you like to extend knowledge around ethics & sustainability?


I love to share my experience with your students. As I wish to have had more practical, participative, critical thinking and inspiring lectures during my studies.  And I believe it is key to holistically educate the future leaders of this world in transition.

I can join you as a guest speaker or lecturer.

My topics are social entrepreneurship, business in India, CSR & Business Ethics, Financial System & Funding, Sustainability and the Wisdom Age.

You are a founder of an impact startup or an incubator / accelerator

Do you believe in a conscious startup culture as key to success?
Would you like to have an experienced founder on board?

Do you need feedback and support with your fundraising deck? 


I am glad to share the "do´s and don´t"s from my own founding story, both in the for-profit and non-profit sector. 

I can share my experience with you, your team or your investees as mentor, coach or trainer.

I am mostly approached to support with regards to impact investing, fundraising and a healthy, conscious startup culture.

You are part of a corporate or SME

Your need to become more resilient and embrace change?
You need to adhere to the new supply chain law? 
You want to walk the sustainability talk?


Sometimes it is helpful to temporarily or strategically take in an external perspective and expertise.

I can support you as advisory board member, strategic consultant or facilitator

Especially when it comes to shifting towards sustainability, deep change, business ethics, servant leadership and a conscious company culture.

Seeds of Impact 
Working globally for inner transformation and tangible change

A few impressions of my professional life - which is accompanied by inner and strategic preparation, deep questions around how am I best placed to serve and an innate desire to positively use the opportunities and access I have - in contrast to so many other people in this world - for my impact clients, inner growth, alliance building and ultimately for the shift to an Age of Wisdom.

At the GSG (Global Steering Group of Impact Investing) conference in Chicago - Swedish Lunch, Davos during WEF week - Katapult Impact Fest, Oslo - speaking at the Vienna Impact Days - speaking with an impact investor, at a women leadership conference - freezing in Davos - promoting change during Covid times - listening to discussions about the development of bioregions and a reconnect to nature - working on a fundraising deck for a client - after a fulfilling gathering of impact entrepreneurs... 

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