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Footprints in the Sand

The Wisdom Quest

Inner Growth & Holistic Understanding

Insights from various wisdom traditions for business & our world in transition 

The only way out is in.

Each of these photos from my 3 months in-depths Wisdom Quest in South and Central America has a story and gifted me with insights into the world view and practices of indigenous people. Which I have received based on my prior exposure to ancient wisdom traditions like Sufism, Hinduism,  Buddhism and the Bahá’í during my 7 years living in India as an entrepreneur. 

When meeting with various shamans and other indigenous (political) leaders, I focused my conversations with them on the topics of leadership, decision making, ownership, connect to the spiritual realm and to nature, inner peace and their understanding of health and our role as humans in the world. I have also asked them about working with people from the Western world, like foundations, impact investors, film makers etc. - about their experiences, views about us and wishes when it comes to projects with them. 


I am very happy to share with you more about this and to work with you should you have in mind any projects or investments related to indigenous wisdom and communities - please reach out to me, best by email. 

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