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The German Glatz family, originally from the Black Forest region in Germany and dating from 1471, is wide-spread throughout the world and has lived through many historic eras and generations.

I grew up with the family´s coat of arms on the family tree, on glasses, on my father´s ring and on the Glatz book that lists all Glatz of our lineage throughout times. And it all came alive when he first took me along to the US, to visit some members of our "Glatz Clan" - my first trip outside of Europe, and the start of my love for learning languages, exploring other cultures and perspectives, and for protecting what I got to know as precious & beautiful: Wild nature & deep relationships. 

We do not have a family office, nor do we possess extensive material wealth. However, honouring the lineage and our ancestors is important to me. Especially when we want to evolve and walk new path, we need to know where we come from - to acknowledge our roots and patterns, give thanks, learn from our Elders, heal what is wounded and to consciously lead ourselves, our family and our societies to a new way of being. 

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Honouring the past.
Creating the future

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