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Flying eagles in the mountains



The Wisdom Academy seeks to educate on the wisdom of nature and its core life principles - from a science perspective as well as based on insights from indigenous and other ancient practices which have proven valid and supportive to all life over time. 

The first course which is currently under development is one on “holistic vision and system thinking” - as a core shift in our current worldview, thinking and analysis habits when it comes to designing, implementing and investing in sustainability projects, but also with regards to leading any type of organisation. To reach a state of resilience and act as a truly sustainable player in the overall eco-system requires deep understanding and embodiment of this subject. 

The next course planned is one on the “basics of ecology” - made for decision makers in the areas of strategy, investment, CSR and sustainability having a background in business, finance or anything else but the science of the planet and its flora and fauna.

Please reach out if you’d like to collaborate on bringing these courses into being.

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