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Wisdom Salons is a format in which we explore through conversations, deep listening circles and inquiry exercises what it means and what it takes to live a life of wisdom. How do we build a wise society based on an economic system there to protect all life? What are the blind spots to look at, the interest and fears behind unhealthy patterns - in our personal lives and current culture and systems. And how do we unlock our inner knowing, and make it and and the timeless wisdom of nature applicable for a flourishing life on this planet?

Photo made at the Co-Creation Loft in Berlin


Satish Kumar is a former Jain monk and most known for being an activist and inspiring speaker. He is the editor emeritus of the "Resurgence & Ecologist" magazine and has founded the renowned Schumacher College in South Devon, UK. 

We will spend an evening with him, conversing about wisdom and exploring the art of living a life full of "elegant simplicity". 



When: 06.06.2023, 18.30h - 20.30h, with open end networking afterwards
Where: Co-Creation Loft

Gabrielle Garcia

Gabrielle Garcia is a shaman from Chihuahua, Mexico. She is a descendant of the Comanches - the indigenous people of North America. 

Gabrielle is a medicine woman who works with various ancient techniques; plant and animal medicine, shamanic knife, fire, and energy. She has led women's circles, cacao ceremonies, ancestral healing sessions, and circles of rapé (tobacco used in indigenous ceremonies) for many years and has received a call to bring her medicine to Europe this year.

We will spend an evening with her to explore wisdom from an indigenous women's perspective and share a cacao ceremony with Gabrielle. 

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