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21-24 August 2023  +  Immersive Dialogue & Ritual  +  Somerset, UK


Transformative Retreat with the Huni Kuin women from the Amazonian Rainforest. Diving into new Perspectives. Immersing in Nature and Ritual.

Deep Encounter with the Wisdom of Indigenous Culture, Ritual & Nature.

21-24 August 2023, Magical 42 Acres Regenerative Estate, Somerset, UK

Experiencing wisdom & deepening leadership capacity, close to the elements that make all life. Join us in August for this unique opportunity to engage directly with the remarkable Huni Kuin, an indigenous tribe protecting the Amazonian rainforest. In these 4 days, learn from their wisdom, vibrant traditions and deep connection to nature. Be inspired and change how you see yourself and the world awakening an ever deeper connection within, and inviting all-inclusive solutions to thrive in unity and harmony with all of our relations on this planet. Together we join forces in these times of great change, to plant seeds for the next seven generations to come.


We will guide you on an inspirational journey at the magical and sustainable 42 Acres Estate. You will have the privilege to immerse in traditional rituals within a pristine and still preserved nature landscape in England. Engaging in transformative dialogue, we will sense into the challenges and ask what Nature needs and how we need to define a regenerative future? You will have time to recover and decompress, as well as gain new inspiration and strength for your leadership challenges.

For leaders and impact investors who share a passion for fostering positive change and cultural preservation, this retreat seeks to give a voice to the Huni Kuin and help them preserve their culture and their home – the rainforest. 


Enjoy a small group setting with maximum 20 people.

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"The Genuine People"


The program is based on four key elements 

Immersing in Nature

How can we take stewardship for preserving and regenerating such rare places of wild nature?

We will explore lush green landscapes, embark on guided nature walks, and experience the serenity that only nature can provide. This immersion will help us reconnect with our inner nature and gain fresh perspectives on pressing questions.

Forest Walk.jpg




Cultural Exchange

Which thread do you bring to the gathering?

The Huni Kuin women will allow us insights into their ancient traditions, spiritual rituals, and sustainable way of life. By sharing stories, dances, and music, we will deepen our understanding of their rich cultural heritage and strengthen our appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life. We wish to weave together multiple threads for co-creating projects for a liveable future. 

Dialogue & Process Work

What is essential in your life?

Engaging in open dialogues with the Huni Kuin women and fellow participants, we will explore the pressing issues of our time, such as environmental conservation, indigenous rights, and conscious social impact investing. Immersive experiences will inspire insights into how these aspects are interconnected and reveal approaches to address these challenges.





Ceremony & Ritual

How can you bring meaningful rituals into your personal and professional life?

Together, we will partake in traditional ceremonies and rituals, carefully crafted by the Huni Kuin women to honour the natural world, promote healing, and foster spiritual growth. These sacred practices will provide us with a profound sense of unity and connectedness to the Earth and each other.

Exemplary Retreat Day

While we are keeping the detailed itinerary a bit of a mystery and might be adapted to the groups needs and dynamics with the Huni Kuin. We can share some exemplary daily activities.

- Body painting with sacred patterns and traditional songs

- Rapé Circle with sacred plant smudge from the forest 

- Sananga Zeremonie

- Herbal Bath with traditional songs 

- sharing circles about the culture and traditions 

- Circle of stories and fairytales 

- Dance of the Mariri (mariri =  all the plants that nutrits us) 

- Dance of the Jiboia 

You would be asked to arrive on Monday, 21st of August, latest at 16:00. The program begins at 17:00 that day. 


The retreat concludes with closing ceremony on Thursday, 24th August 2023. We finish at 15:00.

07:00   Morning meditation & music
09:00   Breakfast
10:30    Immersive dialogue
11:45     Coffee break
12:00    Immersive dialogue continued
13:00     Lunch
15:00    Nature / Ritual / Ceremony
15:45     Tea break
16:00    Nature / Ritual / Ceremony continued
18:00    Time for reflection and integration
19:00     Dinner
20:30     Storytelling circle / Sauna
22:00     Bed

Online Preparation & Integration

In addition to the in person gathering in Somerset, UK, there will be four optional zoom based group calls every second week to support the preparation of a strong container before and a smooth integration after the gathering. You will be invited to join fellow conscious leaders to exchange on timeless wisdom, challenges, learnings and practices.  


On four Tuesdays, 8 - 9.15pm (CET) for 75 minutes: 

01/08/23 Opening . 15/08/23 Preparation . 05/09/23 Integration .  19/09/23 Closing & Celebration

Forest Dining.jpg

What our wonderful participants are saying

"Last year I was honoured to be invited to the first Indigenous Wisdom Gathering on Eskaret Island, and in my own life this has now led to some highly significant ongoing connections. It is an extraordinary privilege to be in the company of elders who are carrying forward ancestral wisdom relating to the interconnectedness and interwovenness of life, and particularly so if they come from cultures that are living examples of reciprocity and mutuality. It is also a real joy to spend time with other leaders and change-agents who are committed to systems change. It requires from all of us the courage and humility of letting go of everything that we thought we knew and to drop into the powerful emergent space of deep listening. I was humbled to be a part of this initial very powerful gathering and fully recommend any future events to others."


Wendy Ellyatt

"Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored."

Terry Tempest Williams

Your guides on this journey

The retreat will be hosted by Dana, Ada and Flora from the Wisdom Age Foundation in cooperation with The HuniKuin Connection. We love to create unique and transformative experiences - facilitating personal and collective growth. We are all committed to  focus our energy on ideas and initiatives that can help shape a truly life-centered economy guided by ancient wisdom traditions. In short, we dream bigger—about business and society.

Will you be joining?

Experience 42 Acres

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Your invest

The Farmhouse and cottages have beautiful individually designed rooms plus a group room, ceremonial yurt and wild swim lake in 5 minute walking distance from the farmhouse. Please decide whether you would like to have a room for your own or share a room with someone else. In the farmhouse and cottages you find a lot of places to retreat during the day so that there is enough room for everyone.

Date: August 21st - August 24th 2023
Location: 42Acres

Registration fee for the retreat is €2,080 EUR per person* and includes:

  • 4 Days, 3 nights of of life-altering, first-hand intimate experience with the Huni Kuin Wisdom Keepers and community, and immersive dialogue & ritual

  • Transformative journey & group activities with trained Systemic Facilitators 

  • Beautiful accommodations at an exquisite Regenerative Estate, Nature Reserve & Wellbeing Retreat Centre in UK. Read more about that splendid location here: 42 Acres Estate

  • All delicious, healthy, lovingly-prepared organic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, tea & snacks)

  • Additional zoom based group calls, 4 x 1.5 hours for preparation and integration

* Terms & Conditions

  • Upon registration, you will have the option for a trust-based sliding scale and different choices of accommodation. Additional monetary contributions will be used for donations to support projects of the Woman’s association of the Huni Kuin.

  • All participants are responsible for their travel expenses to and from the retreat location. Arrival is on the 21st August 2023 until 4:00pm and departure on the 24th August 2023 at 03:00pm. Once you confirm your participation, we will provide detailed assistance to ensure a smooth journey and a comfortable stay.

We appreciate your sitting with this invitation, to see if it feels right for you to attend.

Please fill out the application as soon as you are ready and approach us with any any questions you might have!  We look forward to all that will unfold and amaze us!

Your team of Wisdom Age Foundation

We thank our partners

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